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Some things are best experienced with others—like group exercise! Accelerated Fitness is pleased to offer a fun and supportive group exercise program.

Group exercise is just that: exercise performed by a group that follows an instructor’s lead. Many types of exercise, including strength training, yoga, Pilates, stationary cycling, Zumba and kickboxing, can be taught and performed in a group setting.

Group Exercise: All the Benefits of Solo Exercise—and More

Whether cardio, bodybuilding or training for flexibility, exercise provides myriad physical and mental benefits: weight loss, increased muscle mass, improved body composition and metabolism, better mood and enhanced cognition, to name a few. While these benefits can be reaped on one’s own, exercising with others can make the process more enjoyable and effective.

People lead busy lives, and as we grow older, responsibilities—continuing education, raising children, meeting career demands—increase, leaving us less time to socialize. Socialization is important: it keeps loneliness at bay, benefitting our mental and emotional health. Joining a group exercise class is a great way to do something enjoyable in the company of others, making connections with like-minded individuals in a fun, social setting.

And exercising together can help stave off boredom. If you find working out repetitious, the variety and lively atmosphere of the Accelerated Fitness Gym group exercise classes may be just what you need to make your workout feel like fun!

Working out in a Group Keeps Everyone Accountable

Performing an activity with others encourages everyone to do show up regularly and do their best, keeping pace with the instructor and other participants. Simply having people around helps you feel motivated and accountable, making it possible to overcome the slump you might experience working out alone.

Check out Accelerated Fitness today, and inquire about our Medina and Summit County group exercise classes—they’re fun, diverse, and perfect for anyone looking to kickstart or accelerate their fitness adventure.