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Visit Accelerated Fitness, where our experienced staff and team of certified personal trainers will help you get lean, sculpted and beautifully toned!

Losing Weight Helps you Feel Your Best

Feeling confident makes a tremendous difference—from a happier mood and greater self-esteem to more positive interactions with others, viewing yourself in a good light opens doors and changes your experience for the better. Losing weight can be a fantastic confidence-booster.

But the benefits of weight loss extend beyond self-confidence and esteem. A significant body of scientific research demonstrates that a healthy reduction in weight improves depressive symptoms, increasing motivation, improving self-image—and may reduce the overeating often concurrent with clinical depression.

Furthermore, even a five percent reduction in body weight has been associated with improved sleep quality. A good night’s sleep benefits both body and mind, allowing you to recover physically and mentally, and prepare for life’s many demands. As a further benefit, sleeping well provides you with more energy to work out!

Regular aerobic exercise boosts the brain, producing new brain cells and stimulating brain-derived neurotrophic factor—a protein associated with improved cognition, decision-making and memory retention.

Reap the Physical Benefits of Weight Loss and Toning

The benefits of trimming down and toning up go more than skin deep. Cardio, in conjunction with strength training and a healthy diet, has a profoundly beneficial effect on cardiovascular, metabolic and joint health, decreasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Toned muscles are strong muscles, and an increase in lean muscle mass is positively correlated with improved metabolism, greater mobility, more strength and healthier connective tissue. You’ll look great, too!

Wondering how to lose weight? Come to the Accelerated Fitness Gym in Medina, Ohio. Our staff is here to help. Enjoy our class-leading facilities, and start your journey toward a leaner, stronger you—today!