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Looking for personal training? Look no further than Accelerated Fitness—Medina and Summit County’s newest fitness center, where training is customized to fit each client.

The Accelerated Fitness Gym was founded by multiple award-winning bodybuilder Jeff Cheatham. Jeff knows fitness, and works with Ohio’s best personal trainers. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you maximize every workout!

Why a Personal Trainer?

Why would you opt for a personal trainer when you could work out by yourself? There are a few great reasons, chiefly among which is motivation. Consistently performing any new task—particularly one which is physically or emotionally challenging—requires motivation. With the support of a personal trainer, you can move beyond the self-limiting doubt that frequently hinders progress. You can enjoy a sense of accomplishment, and set your sights on new heights.

Personal training is backed by science. Research shows that working with a personal trainer can yield as much as an eighty percent improvement in results, at up to three times the speed of exercising alone. Why? Ultra-targeted training. A personal fitness coach tunes each session to your schedule, body type and physical ability. And the Accelerated Fitness team of certified personal trainers keeps abreast of innovations in strength training, conditioning, weight loss and other aspects of physical health and performance, serving as an invaluable resource in your journey toward fitness.

Many people find it easier to be accountable to someone else than to themselves. Personal training uses this accountability factor to your advantage. Your investment of time and energy, staying on schedule—and knowing that you’re accountable to not only yourself, but to your trainer, who wants to see you succeed, will keep you on track.

Personal Training Helps you Stay Safe

It’s easy to get carried away working out, especially at the first signs of progress. The Accelerated Fitness personal trainers recognize this, and work with clients to create individualized programs that emphasize correct biomechanics, focusing as much on injury prevention as gains in speed, strength, flexibility or weight loss. Visit Accelerated Fitness today, and ask about our class-leading personal training services.

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