There are three must-do principles for workout success anyone entering a gym should think about. The warm-up, proper form, and efficiency.


A warm-up does several things to prepare the body for a workout. The first thing a proper warm-up does is increase blood circulation. A cardio warm-up such as a light jog or even a brisk walk increases blood circulation throughout your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Stretching will loosen joints and relax tight muscles. Increased flexibility reduces the chance of tears. Warming up is also a form of mental preparation. A warm-up prepares your mind for strenuous activity. A good workout is just as much mental as it is physical. Prepare the mind, and the body will respond.

Perfect Form Every Time

Having proper form during a workout is a must. Good form prevents injury. Good form promotes faster results. Too many lifters at the gym are slamming weights off their body and off the floor. Not only are they annoying and damaging equipment, but they are hurting themselves. Lifting heavy weight with improper form can cause muscles strains and even tears. Take the time to learn proper form for every exercise you do. It’s a great idea to start working with a personal trainer when you start out. A trainer helps establish good form habits from the start that you can continue if you decide to train on your own.

Be Efficient

Have a workout plan and record the results. If you don’t know where to begin, work with a trainer until you’re skilled enough to work out alone. Try to stay off your phone during your workout. The key to gym success is going consistently. Many people feel the gym takes too much time. The truth is they simply aren’t being efficient with their workout. If you work out for 40-60 minutes every day you will see massive results. Make the most of your time at the gym by having a clearly defined goal. Once you meet your goal adopt a system. Systems are a long-term way to maintain what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. A system can be as simple as going to the gym five days per week. Too often people fall back into their old bad lifestyle habits after they meet their goals. An efficient system will keep you looking good year-round. If you don’t feel like you’re spending too much time in the gym you will keep going.

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