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The Accelerated Fitness Pilates strength program balances strength with flexibility and endurance. It’s a safe, effective way to improve your functional fitness.

How can Pilates Benefit You?

Pilates is more than a strength-building workout. Since the 1920s, the Pilates method has been utilized to develop core strength, stability, motor control, flexibility and stamina. The method’s emphasis is on the core, which, through strengthening, helps promote correct postural alignment throughout the body. Regularly practicing Pilates may reduce muscle tightness, increase flexibility, endurance and balance, and even prevent or reduce back pain—a leading cause of discomfort and disability.

Why Core Strength Matters

The benefits of core strengthening are two-fold, the more initially apparent being an improvement in appearance. Your “core” is a complex group of muscles, including but not limited to the abdominal muscles, which act as whole-body stabilizers. A strong core supports the spine, relieving your bones of the burden—and as a result, cinching and flattening the waist, helping you look slimmer. Core strength also increases balance, making it easier to stand, walk, bend and lift. Posture is improved, and back pain is reduced—something nearly everyone who spends much of their day sitting can appreciate.

Can Pilates Replace my Cardio Workout?

Pilates differs from aerobic exercise—the focus is on balance and strength. However, as these improve, so too does the ability to walk, run, bike or swim. And Pilates is versatile—though dancers and professional athletes were among the earliest adopters of the Pilates method, its unique approach can benefit both beginners and the well-trained alike. All it takes is a little modification. The Accelerated Fitness Pilates instructors can tailor the intensity of a Pilates workout to your needs.

Contact the Accelerated Fitness Gym, or drop in to ask about our Medina and Summit County Pilates program—the core-strengthening, pain-relieving, balance-enhancing functional fitness solution!