Project Description


Founded by prize-winning bodybuilder Jeff Cheatham, Accelerated Fitness provides new and experienced bodybuilders with a well-equipped, inclusive space.

A wide range of free weights, as well as selectorized and plate-loaded exercise machines are available—and our holistic training approach makes it possible for anyone to safely and effectively improve their stamina and strength in an inclusive atmosphere, where you can achieve, surpass and set new training records.

Bodybuilding is About More Than Looking Good

Improved body composition—reduced fat, strong biceps, toned triceps, powerful pecs and a great butt—is an inevitable result of bodybuilding, and often the primary motivating factor for involvement in the sport. Though bodybuilding aids in weight loss, builds lean muscle—and consequently, enhances metabolism—the benefits go deeper.

As we age, a loss in calcium and other minerals causes bone density to decrease. Though everyone is susceptible to age-related bone loss, it especially effects women leading up to and following menopause. The best way to prevent bone fractures is to increase bone density, which can be achieved through a healthy diet and load-bearing exercise, such as bodybuilding.

Flexibility is typically associated with stretching and yoga—but bodybuilding, which moves muscles through a full range of motion in a controlled manner, also enhances flexibility while strengthening tendons and ligaments. Strong connective tissue reduces the risk of sprains and other injuries. At Medina and Summit County’s Accelerated Fitness Gym, gains are achieved through technique and consistency, not unnecessary pain.

Functional Fitness

Movement fills our lives. From getting out of bed, to sitting down and standing up, to picking up the kids and putting down the groceries, daily life demands that we move. Strong, supple muscles improve stability, allowing you to bend, kneel, crouch, stand and lift, in the myriad ways your busy life requires. Let the Accelerated Fitness Gym bodybuilding program help you look good, feel great, and function at your fullest potential.