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Accelerated Fitness is not your ordinary gym, our approach to fitness and wellness is what sets us apart from other health clubs and  gyms out there. What’s our approach you ask? We don’t  just do goals. Why? Once a goal is met all the momentum and motivation comes to a dead stop.

This is why people gain the weight back. Start smoking again. You name it. Accelerated Fitness Club uses a model designed to last.  We use a SYSTEMS based approach to make it a lifestyle. A goal is temporary. Systems are for life. We will show you how to gain and sustain great health and wellbeing for life.

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Kat Shurden - Accelerated Fitness Client “Lindsey and Jeff have been my trainers for 3 years. Let me tell you they are amazing!!!”
– Kat Shurden

Brandi Huddleston - Accelerated Fitness Client “Jeff and Lindsey have literally changed my life! They are incredibly supportive and their program works! Beginning my fitness journey was one of the best decisions I have ever made!”
– Brandi Huddleston

Katrina Osborne - Accelerated Fitness Client “Everyone that works at accelerated fitness is knowledgeable and eager to help. Jeff and Lindsey are always available to answer my questions – big or small.”
– Katrina Osborne

Stephen Dembowski - Accelerated Fitness Client “Jeff has been training me and the results are amazing. I highly recommend Accelerated Fitness for any level or goals you may have.”
– Stephen Dembowski 


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A Photo of The Accelerated Fitness Front Cardio Area.
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Child Care - Photo of kids playing in the Accelerated Fitness child care room.
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“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”



Jeff Cheatham
Jeff CheathamPersonal Trainer
Jeff Cheatham is part owner and President of Accelerated Fitness. He started as a personal trainer in 2003. He managed many training departments for several years before becoming a cofounder of a personal training business in 2009. In 2013 he started his own personal training business which later led to him founding Accelerated Fitness Gym in 2018. He has competed in numerous bodybuilding shows and has helped countless people achieve their fitness goals including weight loss, athletic performance, fitness, lifestyle, powerlifting, and competition prep.

Lindsey Cheatham
Lindsey CheathamPersonal Trainer
Lindsey is part owner and Vice President of Accelerated Fitness. She is a registered nurse and personal trainer. She has competed at the National Level as a NPC Bikini competitor. She has helped countless women reach their goals whether it was lifestyle change, weight loss, or stepping on stage and competing. Lindsey takes pride in seeing others succeed and is passionate about her family, training hard in the gym, and helping others.
Bryon Melvin
Bryon MelvinPersonal Trainer
Bryon is the Personal Training Director and manages the personal training department as well as training clients. Whether you are looking lose weight, build muscle, rehab an injury, quality of life or just want to be overall healthy, his passion/ our passion here at Accelerated Fitness is to provide you with guidance, knowledge and motivation to achieve your goals!
Ryan Peterlin
Ryan PeterlinPersonal Trainer
Ryan is certified in personal training and nutrition. Ryan has over 8 years of experience working with a wide variety of clients. He specializes in strength and endurance training along with bodybuilding and athletic training. Ryan is well-rounded in his gym and nutrition knowledge and has a background in weight training, hockey, golf, baseball, and boxing. He enjoys new challenges and excels in helping others achieve their personal goals.
Tara Strum
Tara StrumPersonal Trainer
Tara is a mom of four and has been a personal trainer/group x instructor for 8 years. She enjoys working with all types of clients, including athletes and people overcoming injuries. Her certifications include one on one personal training, kickboxing, MMA conditioning, yoga, and fitness nutrition. She loves helping clients reach their goals and become the strongest and healthiest they can be!
Nick Gagne
Nick GagnePersonal Trainer
Nick has been into fitness for as long as He can remember, from playing sports for 14 years of his life to working out in the gym. He enjoys having the opportunity to work with different types of clients. He is certified as a personal trainer through ISSA. He is honored to be in the position to help motivate his clients to fulfill their goals and help them in any way possible to be the best version of themselves.
Ryan Parsons
Ryan ParsonsPersonal Trainer
Ryan decided to become a trainer right before the pandemic happened. He is a certified personal trainer with ISSA and specializes in youth training and overall health and fat loss. He keeps clients motivated by finding what style of training works best for them to keep them coming back and happy to workout and achieve their fitness goals.
His training Philosophy is that fitness and health should be a part of your everyday life. It is important to find ways to make it easier to take care of yourself and to get rid of the anxiety that comes with change and working out.
You’ll never regret working hard!



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