Project Description

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning develops and balances the speed, stamina, agility, power, focus, and kinesthetic awareness involved in athletic performance.

Jeff Cheatham and the Accelerated Fitness team know that succeeding in any athletic discipline requires a targeted approach that fosters the balanced development of these factors. A strength and conditioning regime well-suited to one activity may be of detriment to those engaged in another, which is why we apply complementary techniques that enhance, rather than impede, each other.

Strength and Conditioning: not Only About Power

Though virtually all sports require explosive or sustained strength or a combination thereof, strength and conditioning is as much about injury prevention as it is the focused expenditure of physical energy.

Areas of weakness—poor muscular development, muscle imbalances, and weak ligaments and tendons—as well as exacerbating factors, such as incorrect form and overtraining, put athletes at increased risk of suffering injuries, particularly when weaknesses are not addressed prior to or in conjunction with the development of greater strength and speed. A whole-body approach minimizes the risk of injuries, making performance not only optimal but sustainable in the long term.

The Accelerated Fitness Gym is fully equipped with plate-loaded and selectorized exercise machines, free weights and other leading-edge gym equipment—powerful tools for developing and maximizing your athletic abilities—and our expert staff and team of trainers are always here to help you stay on track. Your success is our success.